OBRA PAGINAS Posible 1ª edición reed. editorial
The Light Invisible 258 mar-1903 ISBISTER
Book of the Love of Jesus. Collection of Ancient English Devotions in prose and Verse 252 nov-1904 1905 I. PITMAN
By What Authority? 566 dic-1904 ISBISTER
The Alphabet of all saints dic-1905
The King’s Achievement 511
The Conversion of England 24
The Death-Beds of «Bloody Mary» and «Good Queen Bess» 16
The History of Richard Raynal, Solitary 258 feb-1906
The Queen’s Tragedy 390 jul-1906 PITMAN
The Religion of the Plain Man 176 sep-1906 BURNS & O.
The Sanctity of the Church 1906 (Janet Grayson)
The Sentimentalists 338 nov-1906 PITMAN
The Death-Beds of «Bloody Mary» and «Good Queen Bess» 1906
Christian Science 1906
The hermit and the king 1906
The Catholic Point of View 1906
Infallibility and Tradition 24 1907
A Modern Theory of Human Personality 19 jul-1907 Dublin Review
Lord of the World 394 nov-1907 PITMAN
A Mirror of Shalott, composed of tales told at a symposium 309 jun-1907 PITMAN
Mysticism 47 jun-1907 SANDS
Papers of a Pariah 234 mar-1907 (1905 según Janet Grayson) SMITH & E.
The Conventionalists 350 oct-1908 1912 HUTCHINSON
The Holy Blissful Martyr Saint Thomas of Canterbury 176 oct-1908 MACDONALD & E.
A Torn Scrap-book (preface) 1908 (Janet Grayson)
Jeanne d’Arc, Maid of France (preface) 1908 (Janet Grayson)
A Mystery Play in honour of the Nativity of Our Lord 101 nov-1909 (1908 según Janet Grayson) LONGMANS
The Dissolution of the Religious Houses
The Necromancers 332 jul-1909 1911 1912 1916 HUTCHINSON
The Cost of a Crown: a story of Douay & Durham. Sacred drama in three acts 114 oct-1910 LONGMANS
Non-Catholic Denominations 234 nov-1910 LONGMANS
None Other Gods 332 oct-1912 1916 HUTCHINSON
A Winnowing 328 abr-1910 1991 1913 1914 HUTCHINSON
Christ in the Church: a volume of religious essays 230 ene-1911 LONGMANS
The Dawn of All 346 jul-1911 1913 HUTCHINSON
The Maid of Orleans [drama in verse] 95 dic-1910 (1911 según Janet Grayson) 1911 LONGMANS
Spiritualism 24
Come Rack! Come Rope! 412 oct-1912 1914 1916 HUTCHINSON
The Coward 396 feb-1912 1913 1914 1917 HUTCHINSON
The Friendship of Christ [Sermons] 178 may-1912 LONGMANS
An Average Man 384 jun-1913 HUTCHINSON
Confessions of a Convert [autobiography] 174 mar-1913 LONGMANS
Optimism 16 ?? ??
Paradoxes of Catholicism 182 oct-1913 LONGMANS
Poems 88 dic-1914 BURNS & O.
Catholicism 32
Lourdes 92 jun-1914 B.HERDER
Initiation 400 feb-1914 1916 HUTCHINSON
Oddsfish! 452 sep-1914 HUTCHINSON
The Upper Room: a drama of Christ’s passion 72 dic-1914 LONGMANS
Spiritual Letters of Monsignor R. Hugh Benson to one of his converts 162 mar-1915 LONGMANS
Loneliness 352 mar-1915 1916
Holy Week 25
Old Testament Rhymes oct-1913 LONGMANS
Vexilla Regis: a book of devotions and intercessions on behalf of all our authorities, our soldiers and sailors, &c., arranged, trans. And compiled by the Very Rev. Mgr. Benson oct-1914 LONGMANS
Sermon Notes (ed. By CC Martindale) anglican: 154 Catholic: 146 oct-1917
Maxims from the writings of Mgr Benson. By the compiler of «Thoughts from Augustine Birrell» feb-1914 1915 WASHBOURNE
Hugh, memoirs of a brother (by A.C. Benson) mar-1915

Robert Hugh Benson: an appreciation (by Olive Katherine Parr) mar-1915
Memorials of Robert Hugh Benson (by B. Warrecornish) abr-1915
Robert Hugh Benson, captain in God’s Army (By R.J.J Watt) may-1918
Life of Robert Hugh Benson (By CC Martindale) abr-1916
The unspeakable people (Haining, Peter(editor),( Stories by : Matthew Gregory Lewis, Edgar Alan Poe, Henry Spicer, R.H.Benson, Henry S.Whitehead, Wallace West, H.P.Lovecraft, C.M.Eddy, Cpt.George Eliot, Robert Bloch, John Wyndham, Henry Kuttner, Theodore Sturgeon, C.S.Forester) 1969 Leslie Frewin Publishers
The devil’s children (Tales of demons and exorcists -a feast of horror from the masters of the occult)Parry, Michel (edited by) [Robert Bloch, R. H. Benson, Ramsey Campbell, Guy de Maupassant, H. P. Lovecraft, August Derleth, Roger Pater, Henry S. Whitehead, Richard Matheson, J. A. Cuddon, John Collier] 1975 Taplinger Pub Co
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The English catalog of books (including the original ‘London’ and ‘British’ catalogues) giving in one alphaber, under author and tile, the size, price, month an year of publication and publisher of BOOKS ISSUED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND VOL VII. January 1901 to december 1905. Reprinted with the permission of THE PUBLISHERS CICULAR LTD., LONDON BY
KRAUS REPRINT CO. Millwood, new york 1976
The Life of Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson (by C.C. Martindale)
Robert Hugh Benson. Life and works (by Janet Grayson)

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